You have worked ...

... for your family.

You have done your best to be a good citizen. You have not asked for handouts.

Our mission is simple. We’re here to protect you from a government that wants to redistribute your income and your wealth.

We have a volunteer lobbying team in Washington headed by a former president of the American League of Lobbyists. He is supported by former elected officials and people from the battle that stopped Hillary-Care in the 1990s.

We ask that you join us. Occassionally, we will ask that you contact your Senators and Member of Congress and possibly the President or other government officials. In return, we offer you the opportunity to save at Liberty Malls. We receive a small commission on sales to our members.

We think you will find the prices, values and convenience so convincing that you will want to shop at Liberty Malls.

Liberty-loving Americans are being threatened by a government managed by liberals who think that they have the answers. Those officials believe the Americans do not know what's best for them. Those officials believe that they know best.

With your help we can say:

"We disagree! We know what's best for our own family."
Conservative Alternative

Yes, we offer pet insurance.

Yes, we have I.D. theft protection - from the leader in the field - LifeLock. In fact, the CEO of LifeLock has said that no one can offer LifeLock for less than we can - not even LifeLock can offer you a lower price.

Our pharmacy discount card is free and brings you savings at more pharmacies than other pharmacy cards. Try it and you will be surprised: You are likely to get bigger savings with our pharmacy card than with any other card, even one you pay for.